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    Peter—-Green & Purple??? So cool!— Clutch brake on 1929—some time ago I asked the same question about a clutch brake being fitted to 1929 models. It is listed in the parts book—But Since I have not had my gearbox off the engine yet I cannot verify if there is such a thing in there. If there is it has never revealed itself to me while gearchanging!!. Ed The Second—-I am sure you can enlighten us newbies. Maybe it is like the 1929 Owner’s Manual that tells you to remove the bung in the bottom of the rear axle to drain the oil. Keep on driving Rick—-practice make perfect!! Cheers



    Thanks guys,

    The mechanic said he was reving it too high before he shifted. 3rd by 15-20mph seemed a bit odd but, the car liked it. :)


    The eights have plenty of torque to allow you to go slow in high gear.

    The old saying is you buy horsepower, but you drive torque…..

    Glad to hear it’s not a mechanical issue!


    Keep in mind that the ,29 transmission has straight cut gears without synchromesh. In first or second it sounds like an old school bus starting out. This is normal. Shifting should be double clutched.

    There is a clutch brake which worked pretty well on my ’29. A way to tell if it’s working OK is to idle the engine in neutral and push in the clutch pedal. Wait a couple of seconds and try for first gear. It should go in without graunching.


    DING DING DING ! We have a winner !

    Bill Morris is on the mark, as he should since he had one one the nicest ’29 enclosed cars in the Society for many years.

    The straight cut gears ‘sing’ or whine. This is 100% normal. When the transmission is in 3rd gear, [also called DIRECT gear] the power from the engine is connected straight through or ‘DIRECT’ through. The input shaft is connected directly to the output shaft. Therefor there is zero power being transferred through gear teeth or gear to gear. So 3rd or Direct gear are silent.

    The silent direct gear was often part of early Pierce Arrow advertising. I have read several brochures or magazine ads stating that the Pierce Arrow could be driven from 8mph to top speed in ‘Direct’. Which meant that a Pierce could be driven around the City in a silent elegance, no background whine from reduction gears.

    Greg Long

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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