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    Will anyone with a 1929 snap a pic of an orignal, in dash , north east hot hed lighter and post it.

    Im recieving several emails saying the lighters I have found are correct and just as many saying they are not. lolol Any orignal cars out there with their original lighters?

    Thanks, Rick



    If you haven’t already I’d recommend to get a copy of the 1929 parts book. It is illustrated and will help you with your restoration. The PAS library is housed within the AACA library. They sell copies of our literature and have a 1929 parts as part of the collection.

    Happy Motoring,



    I don’t know the brand of this one but I am positive it is original to my 1929 Model 133 Club Sedan. I am interested in obtaining another lighter like this for the 1930 Pierce I am restoring, and would appreciate hearing of any leads. Thanks


    ^^ The lighter Arnold posted is the exact same lighter that my very original ’29 143 has on the dash and on the men’s vanity in rear.

    I never knew that the head snapped onto its mount and I’m too chicken to pull that hard on ones in my car. :)







    Thank you for posting the photo. In the double pic one lighter has a silver ring. Is that after the head is pulled away from the base?



    1Craig. Here is an ad that shows how it pops off.


    Does anyone have a 28 or older car that has a hot head. Are they the same?


    Rick, I saw the ad when you originally posted it but I was still too afraid to pull on the lighter hard enough to separate it from its base.

    I just don’t want to break something. :)


    Richard, Arnold’s lighter is correct for 29 and 30. You make it work by pushing in on the small nickel plated button on the side of the lighter. All the aftermarket lighters seem to use a 1/2 inch base, the Pierce base is over 600 thousands. They will not fit. I have seen the northeast logo on the back side of the removable head. Karl



    Thanks for clearing that up. It was a bit of a head scratcher. Hey Karl, do you still have that single pilot ray light for sale that you had at Hershey?

    Thanks, Rick


    So, last night I went out to the garage and gently pulled on the heads of both lighters.

    And sure enough they both popped off without any damage at all.

    I’m sure if more people knew that the lighter heads came off they may have been lost over the years.

    Now all I have to do is test the heads to figure out why they don’t glow when the button is pushed.

    There is no end to the amount you can learn about these fine cars.



    I checked my 1931 Model 43. The dash piece, as Karl mentioned, is 0.60″ in diameter. The removable head piece is identical in looks to Arnold’s, but on the back of mine it says “SUNBEAM F.A.Smith Co. Rochester, N.Y.” I live 25 miles from Rochester, but I bet the F.A. Smith Company has been gone a few years….

    North East was also in Rochester, I wonder why they went the “Sunbeam / F.A. Smith Company” route in 1931? Maybe they had a few lawsuits in 29 and 30? lol


    Here is the back of mine


    Here is the side view of the head assembly from my 1931. Is this is the same profile as the correct 29 and 30?

    Richard, yours looks like it has straight sides.


    Richard, most of us are more than happy to help, the wiring diagrams, and parts books will show the locations of this lighter and wiring to the dash hot. As Rick Horne mentioned above, good photo copies are available of both from the PAS. they will make life easier and your restorers will thank you many times for them.

    I sold the lamp at Hershey, Karl


    John, your 1931 is the same as my 1929 coupe, and 1930 model C’s front and rear lighters. I have seen later rear lighters that use cat eye on sedans. I think only one color is correct for Pierce. They were made in amber, red and green. I am not sure what year they start, but by 1934 I think they all had them. Karl



    You are correct, by 1931 the rear lighter was a cat eye. I too don’t know what the “Pierce” color was, but mine has the green eye. I am sorry I didn’t make it to Hershey this year, I missed looking through all your tools and seeing all my Pierce-Arrow friends. Maybe next year.


    This head is hour glass shaped. I have seen a few of these in other restored cars.

    Thank you for showing me your original. p.s. My parts catalog is on its way to me. :)

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