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    Gents & Ladies,

    Does anyone know who bought the 1932, Pierce-Arrow 54, Coupe that sold at the Owls Head Transportation Museum auction in Maine a few days ago?

    It appeared to be a very nice Pierce-Arrow.

    It also sold a a very nice price.




    What is a very nice price? I checked the sales results and they didn’t

    list a price, just a statement that it was no-reserve. Did they give it

    away like the 1931 Model A Ford Deluxe Phaeton (2 dr) for $24,200?




    It SOLD for $30,000!

    That was a STEAL!

    I understand that the high bidder was wearing a black mask and black leather gloves!




    My understanding is that the car had some condition issues. Did anyone here inspect the car at the auction?



    The Auction person from Owls Head indicated: “Eh, car was not perfect, ran well, and prewar closed car. So it was a good buy for sure .”

    That is all I know, however, it is a Model 54 Coupé. and there are only about five currently listed on the PAS Roster.

    Also, I was not correct about the price.

    It was $33,550.00 all fees included.



    Still sounds like a bargain if the car is solid and runs well.

    Hopefully the winning bidder joins the PAS or is a current PAS member.


    It seems to be the trend anymore that cars are being sold through auctions. Perhaps this is due to the owners not wanting the bother of selling privately, or not knowing how to sell privately, or perhaps they think that selling through an auction will bring BIG BUCKS.

    Well, the latter is just not always true as this case illustrates.

    I do wish, especially with Pierces, that owners would at least give those of us in the Society a shot at buying a car. It’s free to advertise, and all they need to do is decide what’s a price they can live with.

    Frankly, I would not buy a car at an auction. Too many unknowns and too much of a paper trail.


    I agree Scott, why not advertise it for free, with a reasonable price on it. ?

    Agreeing to sell ‘NO RESERVE’ at an auction is a huge crap-shoot.. and you can lose a lot of money,

    and have to pay a commission on top of it.




    I must admit that I’m sorry I wasn’t at that Owls Head Craps Table with $40-Large in my pocket.



    I agree Peter, that’s only a few hours drive for you, I think you should be the new owner of that coupe.



    Last time I looked, 1932 Pierce-Arrow Model 54 Coupes are no longer produced. I

    can attest to the satisfaction that the ownership of such a vehicle can bring. It

    is saddening that an amount equal to what a good Model A Deluxe ’30’s Roadster

    will be purchased at, can snare such a rare representative of America’s premiere

    marque. Why does our want ads offer 4 cars when Hemming’s offers 12-16 P-As ?


    I was intrested in ththe car and had two different very experienced car friends look at it. I made my own opinion as to condition and value, and decided to pass on it. It needed much more work than the auction as implied. As to its true value, I won’t comment as I am sure the new owner will be a member, and I would like him to feel welcomed and to enjoy his new car.


    I am the new happy owner of the Pierce Arrow Model 54 Coupe that sold 2 works ago at the Owls Head Auction. I am pleased and have drien it about 20 Miles and took it to one local show. I was born in Rochester, NY and learned of Pierce Arrows from my father at an early age, the 50’s,I would like a suggestion as to who might restore the bow and arrow on the radiator cap and what was mounted on the left rear fender in front of the tail light, license plate bracket. I will see if I can post pictures. My email is : [email protected] . Phone in South Bristol, Maine 207 644 1782.



    Congratulations on joining the society and on your wonderful acquisition.

    I noticed that the license mounting hardware is not period correct. LOL

    I wonder if it is for a rumble seat step? Someone will know what goes there.

    Can we see more of your prize?

    Again, Welcome and enjoy the comradery.



    John, you can get repair parts for the archer from Dave Murray at: [email protected]

    Welcome……..hope you enjoy your new toy.


    John, welcome to the club.

    I’m sure you will find the PAS website members area a tremendous asset.


    Congrats on your new Pierce.

    As Bill said, please post more pictures of your new car.

    Given enough info, the experts and fanatics here will have your car up to snuff in no time.

    Welcome to the PAS!


    Hello John,

    Welcome to PAS!

    For a complete listing of parts available for your car, under Member Pages click on “Parts & Services”” and at the top enter “”1932″” under Search By Year.

    You can also search posts on this Message Board the same way.”


    John Cislak was in the process of making new 1932 tail light brackets. I think the castings are done. Give him a call. 413-543-9017


    John, my wonderful old car, now belongs to Tony C, heres a photo. There are 5 known 32 Coupes, I have seen them all in person over the years, including the one in Hawaii. Great cars, lots of fun, after all its a Pierce!

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