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    32 Coupe purchased at Owls Head Auction.



    Welcome to the Pierce-arrow Society!

    NICE SNAG at Owls Head!

    Enjoy the 54 Coupé.



    Edgar, You say you have seen all 1932 Model 54 Coupes. Are you familiar with my car? It belonged to Joe Cyr in Old Town Maine. He purchased it in Cape Cod.


    Yes, I am familiar with it. Had several friends look at it at the auction, and a good friend of mine was the under bidder. 1932 Pierce cars are my favorite drivers. I saw you car about fifteen years ago. The green one was mine, the blue one is yours, the maroon one was last in New Mexico, the tan one was recently for sale in Southern California, and the last one is in primer, but was dark blue and resid in Hawaii. My car came with factory chrome wire wheels, which I stripped and painted. Otherwise all the cars are basically as delivered and correct.


    It’s been lamented that people should first attempt to sell their cars here rather than at auction noting that it’s free. And yes, it is free once you pay your annual membership fee. I’d like to again put forth the proposition that any Pierce Arrow could be listed for sale here Without Joining The Society just like several other car clubs do. Perhaps you could limit ads placed to only individual private sales.


    I second Jim’s proposition. As a matter of fact, when I get a request (to [email protected]) from non-club members for parts or cars for sale, I send them to our Emporium Editor, Rick Morrison, and he lists them in the Emporium as a lead.


    Another thought–I bought my Pierce through a dealer and the seller was a PAS member. The reason the seller used a dealer is that he wanted to take the proceeds from the sale of the car and use them to endow a scholarship at his alma mater. He had to use an intermediate so that the funds would not be taxable for him. Could the PAS set up some kind of intermediate account like this so that the high dealer commission could be saved and added to the endowment for any future transactions like this?


    Back to John Harris’s question regarding the holes in the rear fender.

    I’m 99% sure, those holes are from a previously mounted modern tailight bracket.

    The 1932 had it’s own, one-year only curved tailight bracket/mount. It looks like a horn from a Bull of some type.

    The brackets were made from the wonder-metal of the ’30’s: Potmetal or zinc with odd alloys. These tapered-diameter, upward curving mounts became weak with the usual degradation of the pot metal and then either a bump in the road, or brushing against the license plate or taillights caused the mount to break. The photo is of a not-so-nice ‘repair’ of a broken ’32 tailight bracket.

    I made a new bracket from steel to replace this broken one.

    Greg Long


    Here is the made-from-steel replacement. I did not use blind-threaded mounting holes, since I made the bracket in my shop in Michigan, while the car was in California. I may eventually make another mount with the correct blind threaded holes.

    Greg Long


    I am still trying to figure out what was mounted on my left rear fender on my model 54 coupe. See picture posted earlier..


    Hi John

    That 3-cornered imprint on your fender matches a common universal steel bracket for a universal tailight.

    I have seen the same shaped bracket with matching bolt holes on Ebay quite a few times.

    So, since you have a correct triple-light on your car, i’d just have a body shop repair the holes and paint that part of the fender.

    That’s what i had done on the fender on my ’32 convertible coupe.

    I hope you plan on attending the PAS Annual Meet in NE Indiana this June 11-15th. Your coupe will look great on the show field next to my ’32 C.Coupe. it is going to be a great Annual meet !

    2019 ‘Crossroads of America’ meet, located at the Pokagon Indiana State Park.

    Greg Long


    Thank you Greg Long. An earlier post indicated that I did not have correct tail lites but I think I do. I will have the holes filed and smothed out and painted as you suggest. I look forward to participating in PA events but will not be able to attend the event in June as I have previous commitments.

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