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    This gentleman posted this ad on the PAS Facebook page,

    He seems to be in a hurry to sell it…

    Selling this 1933 pierce interested call MPW restoration and auto ask for Mark Werder 724-515-2821


    Not running can mean a stuck engine, to as simple as the battery needs a charge..

    But there is no question it needs a paint job. ! !

    I wonder what the interior looks like ?



    So was $22500 runs drives a good deal?


    Hard to tell true condition from just one photo.. Car looks very nice. Post some more photos please……..👍


    Yes Eric, nice car.


    I think 22500 is very reasonable, and it’s a good looking car from what can be seen in one picture.


    Look at it from the bright side. The pale green ’33 has a paint job that has protected the car and at best this paint job could be worked on to be a nice base coat for a new color that would please the new owner. That is after the new owner wrings out his wallet to do an engine rebuild. The price is still to high for the car with its current needs. It would be nice to know about interior, dash and see the condition of the plating up close. I for one really get charmed by the wire wheels and the close coupled body style, I just can’t get around the price. The running black sedan is much more in line, actually. I have seen more than a few nice Cadillac and LaSalle running sedans that are equal to the black sedan shown above and for similar money. No need to throw money away just for the fun of it unless that is what your fancy is…easy throwing. :-)



    Ford Fusion money for a decent Pierce-Arrow seems OK to me.


    I will post the photos that are on the P-A Museum page…FYI you may not be able to enlarge them…














    FYI I just spent the last half hour talking to Mark on the phone…He sounds like a really nice guy, and he is going to send me additional info and photos tomorrow…he is selling it because he is into high performance vehicles and he just wants this car to go to a good home…If you are interested at all in the car I suggest you call him, he is really easy to talk to, and sounds like he really would welcome any input we may have…I will post additional info when I get it.


    I see the engine has the wrong water jacket installed.

    It’s got the usual U-turn tubing needed when the water jacket is installed upside down.


    I think the green car is now lot 4026 at this weekend’s Auburn auction.


    I could not let this one go without pointing out the auction estimate.


    Thanks for keeping the PAS up to date on this car.


    After following the auction link, this one really caught my eye.

    What a beautiful car, offered at no reserve.


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