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    Any idea what that beautiful 1929 roadster might go for?


    As the green Pierce is listed as still for sale, does anyone know the high bid?


    According to information provided to me, as 10k asking opening bid was requested, and no bids were offered. I agree that 10k was too much given the car and condition.


    His original asking price was $46,000 dollars. When I spoke to him on the phone, I tried to tell him to listen to what the PAS members had to say about the car, the condition, and the price…I told him the members know what they are talking about, and are not trying to low ball you if you think the price doesn’t meet your expectations…guess he didn’t listen.


    It’s a five thousand dollar car. On a good day, if you want it. Car is a mess, and doesn’t run. If it were mine I would cut it up for parts.


    Ed saw the car in person, I’m basing my comments on the auction photos as well as the ones posted here on the message board.

    I’d at least see WHY it was not running. Then, if the engine was seriously damaged, and not recoverable. then it would be a parts car.

    Maybe the ‘paint’ is un-catylized lacquer, and would wash off with thinner? Then at least the painted over chrome plated parts would look somewhat normal. Even if the plating is badly pitted, they would look better than in THAT green.

    It’s a complete or nearly complete car. That is something important.

    BUT I’d be hard pressed to pay more than $8-$10K for it.


    I wouldn’t write it off as a parts car since it looks so complete.

    Would be a shame to lose another Pierce to the torch.


    It’s a rather rare, and good looking car. It’s a great driving platform compared to many others. Today, it’s all supply and demand. There is a large supply of project cars across the board……..Cadillac,Packard,Lincoln, to name a few, and almost no one is looking for projects, it’s the new reality. Well running and sorted cars, even if the cosmetics are not perfect sell, but the days of many prospective owners willing to gamble on a non running car and ended up with a mess of a project are few and far between.


    Very true Ed, and the market proves you are 100% correct.

    Greg Long


    The roadster appears to have a 1930 Model B engine. Also I don’t remember if large hubcap artillery wheels were available on ’29s. Usually they had the small hubcap. It’s especially suspicious considering the VERY early chassis number. BEWARE!


    I would tend to agree with Craig.

    We can sit here and debate the pro’s and con’s of this green Pierce, but the fact remains, if the owner does not sell this car, it may well end up being cut up for a street rod, and another Pierce is lost forever.

    I agree his price is way out in left field, but I am hoping he comes to reason, and ends up selling it to someone who will try to put some effort into at least getting it running, maybe use it as a good touring car for a while.

    It is a shame that some people cannot reasonably think that a car like this is just not worth what they think it is, just because of the name.

    I do hope this Pierce ends up with someone willing to try to save it.


    Supply and demand will determine its fate. Market conditions at any given time can add or take away cars. I suspect one of two options will occur. Either parts/rod or a new to the hobby dreamer. Any other option is unlikely.

Viewing 12 posts - 21 through 32 (of 32 total)
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