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    Does anyone have any information on the !936 Two Tone Blue Club Sedan coming up for sale on November 12 -14, 2015 at the Mecom Auction in Anaheim ,CA ? Current/prior owner. restoration history,etc. Thanks.


    Member Greg Long knows the car well if it is the one I am thinking about. Give him a call. Ed.


    Yes, that’s the car I was thinking it was. Give Greg a call, he looked at the car last year. Ed.


    Thanks to Greg and all of you who responded to my inquiry. I believe I will pass on this one. I’m extremely thankful I joined the Pierce Arrow Society two years ago as the information provided by members has been invaluable. As a former Packard owner and member of various Packard clubs, you folks are the best!


    Though the market for entry level Classics and thirty horsepower and

    lower antiques is moribund (scary), it is scandalous what fine Pierce-

    Arrows will go for if a seller will meet a buyers reasonable offer. A

    ’36-’37 Studebaker in equal condition will bring $36,000. They built

    6 to 9 thousand of them at a third of the P-A price. They have 9 main

    bearings and had to be better cars than 120 Packards, LaSalles,

    Airflows, Zephyrs, and other competitors in order to survive. The only

    area that I find superior is the Planar independent front suspension. A

    stunt had a ’36 Stude drive 60 MPH on the Worlds longest railroad

    bridge! We need to be better communicators of Pierce-Arrow virtues and

    advocate for justice in the market place! Anybody for a street



    I have seen this car, and to be conservative and not damage its reputation, I agree with the assessment of Greg Long, but value the car much lower than he did, or the high bid at the above auction. The car has been through several dealers that I am aware of. Ed.


    Further to Ed’s point, it has also been to more than one auction in both the mid-west and the west coast and made appearances on Ebay.


    Unfortunately, this ’36 club Sedan has had a hard life, and did not get the proper care and restoration that it deserves.

    A reseller bought it at the Auctions America Labor Day sale in 2012 [ I think ] for somewhere around $35K. The car did not gain anything from this new owner, by that I mean that the atrocious setup for the engine lubrication system has not been changed or made right.

    From following what I can, the car appears to have at least one new owner, maybe more.

    I do not know the full extent of the body rust and needed repairs.

    The interior is quite attractive, and the car does look nice in person, it has it’s share of paint chips and scratches, but still catches the eye.

    Maybe, someone with good restoration resources will buy it and treat the car to a good bundle of repairs, if not a thorough restoration. One can hope.



    It’s sad cars that look good but have huge issues get purchased by ne people in the hobby, and they get burned and get out as fast as they got in. I was told this car “sold” on eBay and the new owner refused to finish the purchase when they saw the car in person. It’s a hard call…….no one wants to dump on a car, but I also don’t want to see a current or future member get stuck with a car they don’t understand. I agree with Gregs comments. Ed.


    Is this the Bob Mehl car that burned in Buffalo?




    It is back on EBay with a $10,000 starting bid and no reserve. Still sporting the rubber hose.



    Reason for the sale may be in the seller’s moniker, 1annoyingwife.


    The statement on entry level classics and 30 hp and less antiques is interesting.There is a very good market for brass Model T Fords and Model A and early V8 Fords especially in the open bodies.I would say the same for 1931-1934 Chevrolets in open bodies.


    Estimate in the auction says 75 to 90 thousand……….😜


    Currently at $25,100 after 12 bids.


    Keep in mind that, just like a live auction, one can never be sure who one is bidding against. It’s very easy to have a friend bid up the car on Ebay, even if it “sells” to the friend, fees are relatively low…

    On the marketability of brass cars, it seems any quality pre-1916 car has a good market and will sell, once you get to 35/40 horsepower the market is very good, and 50 HP and up the market is very strong.

    I see numerous threads on different forums about how prices are down on antique cars, yet good cars still bring good prices, and for good cars I don’t see prices fading. Project cars, or cars needing some major work (such as a paint job or major mechanical), are more difficult to sell due to cost of restoration.


    ANYONE thinking of bidding on this car, please note.

    I have examined this car fairly recently, I think two years ago.

    IT WILL REQUIRE AN ENGINE OVERHAUL. It has noises and very low oil pressure. It had several missing cylinders, and has a very cobbled-up engine oil filter and cooler system.

    The body has a fair amount of filler in and around the bottoms of the doors and trunk lid..

    BUYER BEWARE. At the current $26K, it’s still a good buy.. but plan on $15K-$25K for the engine overhaul., And that is a minimum price, assuming no cracks in the head or block, or valve seats.

    Greg Long

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