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    I would like to thank Kevin and the entire meet committee for an enjoyable time.

    While I couldn’t take much time off from work this year, I had the opportunity to do some things in Buffalo that I hadn’t before (even living 80 miles away) and to see some very good PAS friends. My only regret was not having time to speak with Mark H., Paul J., Peter W., Merlin S., Bob S., Peter F., Greg L. and others (my loss…).

    Again, thank you!


    The Buffalo Meet was GREAT with weather that was near perfect.

    Many thanks to the Buffalo Meet Committee.

    There is never enough time to see and chat with everyone (John!), but we had one heck of a good time with very special friends.

    Everything was perfect EXCEPT for those HILLS on the Thursday tour, PHEW!!!!


    The Buffalo Transportation Museum is awesome and gets better every year.

    Thanks again, Kevin & Julie Curtin & Bob Sands & Paul Jacobs & Jim & Mary Ann Sandoro and the rest of the Committee who made it all possible.



    A twelve NEVER has a first gear hill…………;-)


    Eddie: want to bet ?? With the rolling weight of any V12 car, I’d venture to say that getting in a good 1st-gear to 2nd gear shift in the climb would at best be difficult, We had at least one hill that had a stop-sign at the base of it, requiring a start from a stand still, heading uphill. That 6000# car slows up quickly when the clutch is pushed in, and the car is climbing an 8% grade. !!

    And of course, there are LOTS of 1st gear hills with that heavy V12, going DOWNHILL !! 1st, with freewheeling locked out, and white knuckles on the steering wheel wondering if the brakes will fade out in the next turn, trying to halt the 3 tons of rolling iron.

    Weight to brake-swept area is the game, and too much weight is the V12’s nemesis.



    Now, for the Buffalo Meet:

    The meet was wonderful.. I have to say, I was apprehensive about the city driving after the 2001 meet, but Kevin and crew picked a pretty good route for the Wednesday tour, and I managed to tolerate the numerous stops, un-syncronized traffic lights, and city drivers. The Lunch, and the ride on the Maid of the Mist were great. AND, were worth the efforts of city driving.

    BUT, the very best was the Thursday tour, with REAL roads, like our Pierce Arrows had to deal with when NEW, and challenging hills, turns, and the occasional missed turn.

    I found the hills a lot of fun, and pulled all of them in 2nd, or some in 2nd-Overdrive.

    If I had to stop in the middle of the grade, I might have had to stay in 1st, or 1st-overdrive. but the 1925 7-passenger touring pulled them all in 2nd.

    Since a Series 80’s engine overhaul is 1/5th the cost of a V12 overhaul, I’ll stick with HALF a V-12, and be very happy doing so. Especially since the S80’s engine has a significant amount of Aluminum, it is much lighter too.

    I’m sure that the bumps, rolls, dips and tight uphill and downhill runs would have been MUCH more difficult if the car i was driving had a 1500# chunk of iron over the front axle instead of a 500# chunk of aluminum, steel and iron. The magic is in the power-to-weight ratio, not the number of cylinders !!

    I really enjoyed the Thursday tour, and would love to do more like this. It’s about as close to the conditions that our cars were ‘born’ into as can be found.

    Visiting with old and new friends, and sharing the cars I brought with other PAS friends who had not been able to bring a car was a lot of fun. For all of us.!

    Keeping 3 cars on the road with different drivers for each tour or leg of a tour was a bit of a logistics puzzle at times, but I do believe that everyone I promised a chance to drive a car, DID get a leg or two on a tour.

    I can’t wait till next year in Kerrville !!

    Greg Long


    Lest anyone worry too much about Peter’s well being after those steep hills, this photo was taken at lunch Thursday…..

    Peter, thanks again for the ride Wedbesday. We had a great time.

    Also, Kevin and crew did a great job all week.

    Dave White


    Hi all,

    Will everyone post a few pictures for the poor soles that could not attend the meet. We can live vicariously through the photos until next year. :)

    Thanks, Rick


    I had a great time too. Thanks to the meet committee for a wonderful week.

    Photos will be posted on the activities page after I get caught up at home…


    Pierce arrows in the newspaper: both Friday’s Forest Lawn tour and Saturday’s Show were covered, with a photo of “Miss Helen”” in Sundays paper. This should be the link to Fridays tour for on line reading. http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/buffalo/pierce-arrow-society-brings-cars-to-presidents-back-to-the-city-of-their-origin-2015072 Karl”



    The below link includes a “4” truncated in the above post.

    Also, here’s a photo of the factory admin building, part of the façade is being replaced, Joe Malone & I gathered a few broken bricks out of pile headed for the dump which were sold at the silent auction Friday night.



    A great week in Buffalo with friends old and new! Especially fun was the historic Forrest Lawn cemetery downtown. To our surprise, George N. Pierce “walked”” out of his mausoleum to have a chat with all the Pierce-Arrow owners. Who knew that Geo. N. was such a great storyteller! :)


    To Kevin & Julie Curtin, Bob Sands and the entire Buffalo committee, thank you! Your hard work certainly resulted in a very successful meet enjoyed by everyone. The weatherman sure cooperated, too.

    Here’s our 1601, its first visit back home since December, 1935, almost 80 years ago.

    After last Friday’s visit to the plant, there was a brief discussion of the historical marker, now missing, which was located directly above the “1695” in this photo which stated to the effect:

    “Pierce-Arrow, famous quality car, built here 1901-1936 (sic), Buffalo Auto Dealers Association 1959”

    Does anyone know what happened to this historical marker? Perhaps the PAS could replace it with something similar and with the correct dates…


    And then there was Niagara Falls….


    Buffalo skyline from the “Miss Buffalo”” lunch cruise.”


    Miss Buffalo in the lock with the gates closing behind


    Tony Zappone’s 1601 convertible sedan in front of the Adams Mark Hotel


    Maid of the Mist approaching the “American side” of Niagara Falls, the “Canadian side” is farther down around the bend…




    In front of Vidliers 5 and 10


    A photo of the PAS dinner at the Buffalo Transportation Museum next to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed service station.

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