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    Hello, i have a 1928 Model 36 with a body code of H H 224 what does that any of you guys know….thanks edward


    Refer to the PAS Roster page B-3. The code “HH”” does not appear in the list of Body Code Numbers. Could it be “”KK””?”


    Hi Paul, i looked at the tag 3 times and it is HH….in the roster there is no GG or HH…Ed


    How about a photo?





    That is definitely an “HH.””

    Was your P-A constructed by a Coach Builder rather than the PAMCC?

    Do you know the history of the vehicle?

    Are there other body or engine numbers / markings?




    For sure that’s a factory tag. HH is a new one on me. Can we have some photos of the car please?


    I just found out from Paul our tect rep. that HH is now to be add to the roster as a 7 pass sedan….i add a photo…Ed


    i added……a second photo


    Thanks for the photos, nice car! I like the double rear spare.


    Ed,The body and the engine are just about all original, i just bought it about two weeks ago..i also have a 30 coupe…Ed


    Did the car come out of the Boston area? I remember seeing a similar car about 10 years ago offered east of me.


    it did


    Bernie Weis did some research and found the “HH”” body code is for a 1928 Series 36 Seven Passenger Sedan.”


    Paul, thanks that’s what it is, i just couldn’t find the HH code in the roster. now it will be added. Ed



    Bernie’s list shows two (2) 1928 HH Code cars (HH-270/271 & HH-226?), one being and 36-EDL and the other a 36-7-Passenger Sedan. On one of these cars the numbers are stamped on the TOP of the doors – 270 on the left doors and 271 on the right doors.

    He also shows two (2) 1927 KK-numbered cars and four (4) 1928 KK-numbered cars, all of which are 36-EDL cars.

    Perhaps, there are others, but they are just not reported, as with yours Ed.

    It is time to start checking the tops of doors!

    I will do that later today.



    My 27 Series 80 5P 4 Door Coach has a small plate near the passenger side front door sill between the Pierce door plate and the seat. I believe it is a three digit number with no letter codes. I will check the doors next week when I get home. I have yet to find a code under the floor boards as described in the


    Good afternoon Gentlemen,

    In response to this thread, I visited my 1925 Series 80, 7-Passenger DeLuxe Sedan and while standing on the running boards I opened each of the four doors.

    Lo and behold, on the flat top of each door, was the Code: H 238.

    The “H” appeared to be scribed and the 238 was stamped / pressed.

    Just more fodder for the discussion.

    There are no stamped plates on my Series 80 car as shown in Edward Leichliter’s photo.

    Perhaps the HH & KK codes on the doors refer to wood shop part numbers designating the car for which the wooden door part was created.

    It would be interesting to see if such codes exist on other enclosed cars in the 1920s era.

    BTW, Ed, where does your HH stamped piece reside on your car? Is it on the doors or engine bay or where?




    Peter, My HH- code is on the right side wood sill or frame on the plate. that is were the PA info told me to look for it. i will check my doors and get back to the forum. also Peter Did you know buy any chance know a Gentleman named Norman Marsolini frm Milton Mass. he owned my series 36 in 1966…….Ed


    Norm is alive and well, still in the club. Give him a call, he would be happy to speak to you. A true Pierce owner!

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