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    Edger, how can i get a phone # for Mr. Marsolini..there is not one in the roster…..Ed


    He was at the PAS meet in Buffalo this year, with his car. Maybe last years directory?


    Hello Ed,

    Yes, I know norman, but his telephone number is not in the Roster,.

    However his brother Paul lives in NYC and his number is 212-929-1550.

    Best of luck hunting down Norman.

    BTW, Norman always had nice P-A cars.

    Best regards,



    Hello Edger and Peter thank you for your help, i have an old number from a 2011 roster that i will try the 2014 roster that i have doesn’t list a number.when will a new roster come out….Ed


    norman keeps very good records of the cars that he uncovered in the 60’s, and recently gave me the history of my series 33 runabout that he uncovered under a tarp in the back of a lumber yard including pictures of the find and pictures when he sold it to then club member al ferarra. it is terrific to have all of that information including pictures of the original owner.

    george quay


    Hi George, i talked with Norman for an hour last night what a great guy. He knows everything about my 1928, all the way back to day one. he bought my series 36 when he bought his 1926 series 33 touring and the runabout you were talking about.he also said it was the 14th 36 built, maybe that is why there is no family coat of arms on the rad. shell…….i checked my doors for numbers, no luck…Ed.


    Norm is the best!


    I was able to check the tops of my doors today and there on the top of each door near the center post (Series 80 5P Coach) was the code P-1761. There is also an aluminum tag between the front passenger side seat and the door sill with no letter(s) but just the 4 digit number 3035.


    James Powell

Viewing 8 posts - 21 through 28 (of 28 total)
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