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    Hello Pierce-Arrow Society members! I have a tuff nut to crack. My family and I have been the care takers of a 1933 Pierce-Arrow. I’m looking for what ever I can find on this car, but so far there is no information. I have some basic info on the car and pictures any help would be awesome.

    Engine# 360003

    164 inches axle to axle center line

    Off the frame Horn in the front: 2652-1

    Steer box : 25172

    Front on right side of the axle is SAE1040(then it has an upside down equilateral triangle with vertical lines in the center)A, so: SAE1040(triangle)A

    Left side of axle: Salisbury 12277


    Not too sure how much of the car is a Pierce. Chassis looks like a Stutz pre 31 from the wheels. (Maybe Auburn?) It has Cadillac tail lights from 30-31 from the looks of them. The big question is who built it, when, and is that a new body or one made from another marque. Why build a 164 inch speedster? Was it built for the movies? More photos would help. I would post a photo of it on the AACA web site. I bet you get an answer quickly.


    Whatever the final story, it sure had lots of work put into it, looks like it is well done. Sure is one of a kind!


    It’s needing to be repainted in areas, so I need more info before we can move forward on preserving or restoring more pictures on the way.




    Under motor


    Rear end




    Rumble seat




    Headlights, horns, parking lights, and some hardware is 30 & 31 Cadillac. Tail lights are also. Wheel photos are not very clear but also look like 31 Cadillac. Post mpre photos, we will ID the car for you.


    I can’t find anything that talks about this builder/designer.


    Dash has some Cadillac parts, I also see some Pierce parts. Rear end is NOT Pierce and it doesn’t look like Cadillac. Modern drive shaft. Pedals look like Pierce. Shifter knob looks like 1930 Pierce. Keep posting photos please.


    Rear hub don’t know if this will help.


    Cross bar between headlights is 30-31 Caddy. Most of the hardware for the rumble seat is not Caddy and not Pierce. Step plates on rear fenders are Cadillac.Sidemount covers in rear look like 30 V-16 Cadillac. Open the hood please!


    Number on block


    I’m not by the car right now working off pictures I have on my PC. I’m looking for a full engine shot


    I know it’s a v12


    Cadillac wheels have eight lugs so they arn’t Cadillac. Hubcaps must have been modified to fit. Last year for snap ring wheels was 32 so they are no newer than that. Someone spent some huge money on this build. Transmission is not Pierce, and is not early 30’s Cadillac.


    Looks like a V-12 Pierce block with modern bell housing.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 28 total)
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