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    We have taken it to shows and is really fast for a big car. I will try to get more pics Sunday of the motor. What other shots do you think, close ups, anything?


    Engine numbers are not factory stamped Pierce or Seagrave numbers. Must have beed added later when car was built.


    Close up of dash, brake and clutch pedal, steering box, radiator from inside of hood. More rear end shots to determine what car the rear came from, close up of hubcap. King pin / spindle shot. Brake drums, that sohuld cover it. Thanks, Ed


    Wow I’ll see what I can do.


    If you get the casting numbers on the driver side of the block I can ID the year of the engine. Also foundry logo if you can see it under the water pump and generator. Shots of the carbs, starter, and generator/ water pump will also help as they changed over the years. Oil dip stick, exhaust manifold will also help. I wonder if the frame is from a truck, or a car with a section added. Some frame shots would be nice also. Thanks, Ed


    This is the Kouri speedster that was, at one time, part of the Bill Harrah collection. While a very well done custom car, I think it’s what is known as a “Bita” car… a little bita that car, and a little bita that other car…but not a true Pierce for sure…as I posted on the AACA forum about the same car, don’t know what the background of the car has to do with paint…it’s not an original factory paint job to start with, and even when I saw the car in the early 80’s at Harrahs, it was a repaint…interesting car, and you family has a very interesting collection based on what can be seen in the background of the photos…good luck with car, looks like great fun…


    Thank you it has always been. There is nothing special about the paint we were trying to find out if it was original. Its starting to show cracks, lifting in high wear areas. So was this something that bill Harrah built?


    No, Harrah just owned it, it was apparently built in the 1930’s, a custom car…

Viewing 8 posts - 21 through 28 (of 28 total)
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