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    I am in the process of packing up the garage and Pierce stuff and moving to storage and a townhouse until our new house gets built. This could be a long project, as my daughter is the architect and has to squeeze me in. (I thought this was a way to get some of my money back that I spent for her to get her degree, but now I am not so sure). I think that I will use this time to get stuff plated.

    I was going to start with the Radiator shell and shutter. I looked in the parts book and they list 3 assemblies for the 836 radiator/shutter assembly

    703239 lacquer finish (I assume this is body color)?

    703236 black enamel

    703240 chrome plated

    It was of interest there were the same 3 options for the 1236, but with different part numbers and the 1242 and 1247 only had chrome as an option.

    I had wondered why a lot of the used grills I had seen were so rusty and I guess it was because they were painted instead of plated.

    My car was a very base car (not a Salon) so my guess is the shutters weren’t plated. I don’t want to over guild the lily, but I really love all the chrome on the front of the cars.

    Are there any experiences/opinions/thoughts on the topic out there?


    My ’31 model 42 had painted shutters, in-op when I bought the car. I pulled the radiator out to go through it, and had the shutters plated, and made to work. The difference in appearance of the car with closed, plated shutters is amazing. It is the most beautiful sight! Plate them!-


    On the Model 1236, the painted shutters were stock. Chrome plating was available as an extra cost option.


    Not trying to highjack the original discussion, but I have a similar question. We’re the same 3 options (lacquer, black enamel and chrome) still available in 1936 on a 1601 Coupe?


    Yes they were.


    I have never seen anything but chrome, either in factory photos or barn find cars. Doesnt mean it wasnt available. But I would question it for judging, and I think a photo of the gtill before restoration would be a good idea to have with the car. Ed


    I have seen two original 1936 cars with painted grill shutters.


    Thanks! I appreciate your help.


    Paul, were they commercial sedans? Maybe a funeral home car? We they eights? What body style? Thanks, Ed.


    Ed: The two original 1936 cars with painted shutters that I have seen were both Model 1601 sedans not commercial sedans. If fact, the only 1936 commercial sedan I have seen had chrome plated shutters. The 1935 Salesman’s Green Book lists Chrome Plated Radiator Shutters(instead of standard) as a $25.00 accessory. I suspect that did not change in 1936.


    The new things I learn here every day still amaze me. I would love to see a photo of a 1601 with a painted grill. thank you. Ed


    Hi Paul, Well my friend Ed, “would love to see a photo of a 1601 with a painted grill.” Sorry Ed, can’t help with a 1601–how about a 1602? It’s probably the most expensive 1936 Pierce-Arrow made in ’36. So why a painted shutter assembly? Other than a “special order” I wouldn’t know. Maybe, it’s the “Brunn” used in the movie, “My Man Godfrey,” (Carole Lombard & William Powell)? Being painted would cut down on the glare-who knows?


    Another photo. as it looks today, still with its’ painted shutter assembly.

    Ed, how did you ever miss this?


    Bill and Peggy,

    A word of caution; faced with the same choice of plated verses painted for Arthur, our 1933 Club Sedan with a reputation as a bit of a dandy,I was informed that in the hands of less than experienced chrome platers, the shutters can be easily warped.



    I think that chrome shutters look good on a later Pierce but it can be too much bling if you plan on adding fog lights or any other bits of bright work to the front end.

    Our ’29 left the factory with painted shutters and with the right color combinations I think painted shutters look great.

    But in the end it all comes down to personal preference.


    Ed: One of the 36’s with painted shutters was at an annual meet. Time permitting, I’ll look for The Arrow on that meet to see if there is a front view. Right now, it’s off to the Modoc Tour on Monday.


    Does anyone have a 1936 Salesman’s Green Book? That could provide the answer.


    Hi Bob, I have never seen the painted grill on anything later than 34 if memory serves me right. Stu Blair has a 1601 with a green chassis, which I only realized after driving in it several days. It took a flat tire change to notice it! ed


    This 840A has a magnificent polished chrome trimed radiator shell and shutters. I would think that chrome plated shutters are considerably more durable than painted due to potential rock chips and other road hazards.

    Note the judicious use of a “Taliesin”” orange pinstripe on the artillery wheels and body reveals.”


    I noticed the 836 Nick Engleman has in the Emporium has painted shutters. It also appears that the waterfall at the lower part of the inner grill is painted also.

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