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    My fourth Optima battery since this deal started a few years ago.

    Decided at the last minute to add another battery in series to the one already in my Pierce.

    I figured a little more starting power in the same amount of space as a full sized lead acid battery couldn’t hurt.

    I’ll just remove the block of wood I have in there to take up the extra room in the battery box. :)

    A single Optima battery starts my Rickenbacker just fine so I’ll leave a single one in that car.

    Thanks again for putting together this great deal!



    I have two RedTop Optima batteries in my Series 80, which is also overkill, however my battery box is now full and I will not have to buy another battery for a very long time.

    The Optima batteries are a deal as for me, the two Optima batteries replaced my SECOND lead acid battery in 5-years.

    Standard batteries just do not have the longevity of the Optima and the standard Interstate 6V batteries each cost $25 to $50 more than the Optima.

    I am happy to help PAS members by connecting with Optima Jim for the RedTop deal.




    Easy for me to volunteer more of your time for future offers like this, I know…

    Maybe next year, if Optima Jim is agreeable, you can coordinate an offer with an Emporium/Arrow mailing and have the month long offer go into effect a month or two out in time. This way members that aren’t computer savvy or don’t visit the PAS website often can take advantage of this fine offer. I think this would be good for PAS and Optima Jim.

    Again, thanks for your efforts.



    Funny, but I made that proposition to Optima Jim about three weeks ago and he is fine with the idea.

    I just need to coordinate it with Rick Morrison who runs the Emporium and with Charlie Gills who does the mailings.

    A potential problem may be that Optima Jim is not certain about the offer until about two weeks before it starts.

    I will discuss the matter with Charlie and with Rick to see what we can do about getting it posted in an early spring mailing.

    If nothing else, we can run a notice in the Emporium in the first mailing of the year about the POSSIBILITY of the offer and advise members to check the website weekly beginning the middle of March to see if the offer is in play.

    Great idea john, I’m glad that I thought of it! HA, HA, HA!



    John, that is a great idea being as you pointed out that there are plenty of members that do not log into the website but rely on mail correspondence.

    Peter, keep up the good work and thanks again for going above and beyond on behalf of PAS members.


    Hello Peter, I just wanted to add my thanks, to you, for making the Optima battery deal available to the Pierce-Arrow Society. Like others, I am a repeat buyer and certainly do enjoy the size and performance of the Optima battery. I will watch again for future offers!


Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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