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    I would like to be the first to congratulate Greg & Ken on a fabulous meet. The hotel, location, tours, events, all were first rate. I would also like to give a shout out to all the committee and board members also. I look forward to the meet next year in Pennsylvania. My best to all. Ed Minnie


    Here. Here. Wonderful time. I know a ton of work from a lot of people went into making the meet happen. Can’t wait until next year! Safe travels home to all. James Powell


    We had a great time seeing everyone again, and thanks to Greg, Ken, and their capable helpers, everything went smoothly.

    Thanks so much for all your efforts. Tom and Joan Barrett


    Greg and Ken did a fabulous job on the Annual Meet. Tours were great. Roads were superb. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Happy Motoring,



    Pulling off a PAS Annual Meet is a gargantuan task.

    Greg, Ken and assistants did a nice job.

    Thank all of you for your quite serious efforts.



    Ann and I had a fantastic time. It was our first meet. We thought it was a home run!!!! Thanks Greg, Ken and the board.



    Thanks, Greg & Ken & helpers for all your creative work! The Angola invasion and the personalized postcards at the banquet tables particularly stand out. Nancy and I had a great time driving the ’32!



    Great job, everyone! Kathy and I had a great time. It was great to see everyone and your Pierces.


    Thanks Greg & Ken for all your efforts. I couldn’t believe you pulled off the Pierce-Arrow Ballet at the Angola roundabout without a hitch. Thanks for being the optimists to counteract this Mr. Pessimist.

    It is always fun to see our Pierce-Arrow extended family. The BEST Pierce-Arrow Society Annual Meet is either the one you are AT or the one just attended. We’ll see some of you in August at the Gathering and hopefully many of you in Hershey/Lancaster PA for the 2020 Meet.

    Dave & Diana


    Ken and Greg, wonderful week, great lunch stops. Thanks for all your efforts, Karl and Mary


    Greg & Ken,

    Thank you for hosting a great meet in Angola; your hard work and thorough planning certainly paid huge dividends! See you in August in Michigan,

    Clara and Stu


    Ken and Greg,

    Thank you. You both did an outstanding job. Everything was fantastic. We had a wonderful time due to your hard work and planning. We appreciate all you did.



    Greg and Ken, you’ve set a new Gold Standard for PAS Meets! You’re SO good at this that perhaps you should be the permanent Meet arranger :-)

    Dave Stevens, Annie and I are most grateful that you brought Percy, the 1925 80 coupe which I owned for 21 years and now owned by the Museum, and allowed us to put about 240 miles on it. That was the perfect cap for our meet experience.



    It is the Foundation’s desire to celebrate Pierce-Arrow Society history along with the company’s. Your stewardship with this car enabled it’s acquisition and I wanted to have everyone at the Meet enjoy your reunion with Percy. I’m certain that he also enjoyed the exercise and reunion. I bet he’ll be anxiously awaiting your next visit to the Museum!



    This was a fantastic event on every front – Greg, Ken, and all of the organizing committee deserve a great deal of applause for sweating the details of successful organization and subsequent execution. Now that we’ve attended several national meets and Gatherings at Gilmore, we’ve come to appreciate the huge efforts that so many make to plan interesting events and then make the logistics work.


    Michael, it was very nice to see and your family last week. Thanks for coming and spending time with us.



    To Everyone: Thank you for the kind comments!!

    Ken and I are grateful for the help we had from so many people. Without the help the meet might not have happened. An Annual Meet is a huge undertaking ! It certainly takes a group of people to accomplish.

    We were apprehensive about the ‘Invasion of Angola’. Especially since there was no way to do a rehearsal of the event. BUT with several discussions of what we were trying to accomplish and some very good assistants, we made it happen.

    The Drone operator captured a great video of the ‘invasion’ which Liz used in her U-Tube video.

    I hope everyone who attended likes the ‘goodie bag’ and it’s contents. We tried to think of everything. Thankfully the mosquito repellant was not needed! Did anyone take their ‘s’morers’ down to the fire pit by the lake and enjoy them? I love S’Mores, but had too much to do to have the time to enjoy them..

    The KeyChain doubles as a necklace pendant, that is why it is two-sided ! Just remove the key-ring and thread in a necklace chain.

    The goodie bag itself is a very useful item for touring, we had become tired of having the sweating water bottles rolling around in the cars on tours, getting covered in carpet fuzz and LOKI-hair. [yuk! ] So the quilted cooler bag was chosen, and it is tall enough to hold water bottles, not just soda and beer cans. When not in use, fold it up and put it in a door pocket in your Pierce Arrow !

    We are delighted the everyone enjoyed the meet.

    Ken [he did a majority of the planning and execution] deserves a special thanks.

    Greg, Ken and LOKI.


    Greg, Ken, Loki,and other hard workers, brought to us the best of what a

    Meet can afford. Thanks for the memories.

    Tony Costa


    Nice seeing you again Mr Costa!


    Mr. Costa? Who is that? To get a Tres Montanhas to show up from California, the meet must be well done, and at below market prices!

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