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    Ed, as you know, he is funny and an all round great guy. Good seeing you too!


    Greg, Ken, Loki and the whole committee did a fantastic job on this meet. The Lodge was situated in a perfect place. Tony Costa is a fantastic guy, but so are most Pierce people. The Watkins Glen track experience was a great time and showed that these cars can still perform!!!


    Congratulations to Greg, Ken and all the staff. You upheld a long tradition of successful, delight-filled PAS meets that we all take for granted. A most enjoyable event.


    Just wanted to stay how mutch me and Chris enjooyed our slefs Greg & ken did a exalent job we had sutch a good time that i went off and bought a real PA some assembly required ofcorce i hope you all no what your doing now your stuck with me lol


    Eric, it was a joy to have you and Chris at our meet. We hope to see team Peterson for many years to come! Please share about your new ride-congrats.



    Eric, Congrats on your new Pierce! As I’m learning, half the fun is working on the car yourself and learning your way around the car. Thanks to Bill Morris and Scott Stastny, I am getting a guided tour of my car as we’re going over all mechanical systems before taking on tour. I was hoping to have it at Auburn, but we didn’t quite make it. So far we’ve gone over the engine, good compression all the way around, cooling system, new distributor, new water jackets, rebuilt water pump, lubricated everything else. Under Scott’s guidance, I pulled the front brake drums and bearings Friday, cleaned them up, and tomorrow I have to take out the brake bar in the front axle and clean and lubricate that all up, and put it back together. The car runs so much better now, and Bill is going to rebuild the carbs so it will run even smoother. I can’t stress how much fun I’m having with my car really getting involved with it rather than just driving it!

    Anyway, enough about my car. What did you get Eric?


    i bought David & Janes 37 1702 7 pass sedan picking it up the first of aug hope to get it together by the time Gillmore starts


    It’s great to see the cars staying in the club and being sold among the active members. The 1702 is a fantastic car, and it looked very nice in the photos. I’m sure you will enjoy it.


    Great news, great car Eric.

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)
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