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    Are there any recomondations on where to buy a wiring Harness. I have found two places on the parts source. Y n Z and Rhode island. Anyone have experience with either of these places? Any other places?

    Thanks, Rick


    Narragansett does a good job, I bought from them for my ’37 Cord, just be sure you get the correct pricing from them, the website isn’t always updated.

    I believe this was discussed before, your car may have metal junction boxes into which wiring goes, and flexible conduit in which the wiring runs….some of which you’ll have to fabricate if you don’t already have on the car…



    Thanks. Yes, all the junction boxes are there and most of the Harness. Y n Z wants the junction boxes and what is left of the harness



    You can get the harness and cloth covered wire from Restoration Supply and make your own. It’s not like there are that many wires and you already have the pattern layout.


    Sounds like Y n Z has done such a harness before, experience counts, I’d go that route if I were doing one then…


    I use Rhode Island. Great stuff, never a problem.


    Rhode Island harness in my 1931. Good quality, has never given me any wiring problems, and it “looks”” right.

    Chris Diekman”



    As your car was so original—How about posting a couple of photos of the junction box. Plus how the conduits join to it.I have never seen what they look like & the dimensions. The spare parts book shows them BUT not in detail. My car has the usual spider’s web of rewiring from back in the 70’s. Works AOK. (So far!) I have strategically fitted a couple of fuses just in case. Thanks -jak.



    You caught me just in time. It’s being shipped out today. I’ll snap a few photos before it goes out. Rick























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