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    Hershey is just 2 weeks away! Who else is coming?

    I will be in Choc. Field North spaces C4A 1-6 (Big white Tent)

    PAS and Foundation Tent will be in Choc North C4W 20-23

    Merlin Smith C4A 22-23 just across from PAS Tent

    Rick and Liz Horne C4W 17-19

    Hope to see you all there, stop by for a candy bar and a place to rest!



    Sorry I won’t be able to attend; you all have a great week!


    John and I will be there, not vending for the first time since the 80’s.

    Please remember my jacks and handles! 👍


    Had planned on coming for the first time, but unfortunately the memorial service for Scott Stastny is on that Friday.


    I’ll be there Thursday and Friday, GBF 32-33, just remember Great Big Fellow!

    Will have some Pierce stuff for sale along with other goodies….


    We will be there. We will be setting up at C4E 41,42,43

    Glenn & Christi Wengerd

    Winesburg, Ohio


    We still have 6 time slots to fill at the Pierce-Arrow tent at C4W 20-23.

    Please help support the Society by answering questions and soliciting new members.

    Call Dave Stevens at 231-740-6610


    And don’t forget the Annual PAS Dinner at Dodge City Steakhouse on Thursday! Got a good crowd signed up already! See y’all there!


    Now down to only four slots open at the Pierce-Arrow Tent:

    Wed 11-1

    Wed 1-3

    Thurs 1-3

    Friday 9-11

    Help promote the Society and Museum and recruit new members. Meet interesting people and have a chance to rest your weary feet.

    If you can help, please call Dave Stevens at 231-740-6610 or e-mail to [email protected]


    Here is a map of the Fields. The PAS tent is located at the pointer. See you all soon, Karl


    Hershey Map: also for those attending, note the big red X at the lower right. This is where they had to relocate all the venders for construction of the new Hershey Park entrance. Many are relocated into the “tram”” road just to the left. The rest have been moved everywhere empty and non renewed spaces could be found. Karl”


    I’ll be at GBF 32/33 Thursday and Friday, don’t confuse me with my friend who’s sharing the space! Will have a TOC Pierce bicycle (womans), Pierce keys and tire gauges and a lot of other Pierce goodies, 35 and 36 Buffalo Automobile club license plate toppers, a Trippe spotlight, and lots of other stuff. Come visit!


    Hi, Gang, I hope someone will have compassion on we who are not there, and post some cool photos of the goings-on! I really miss it and plan to better arrange my affairs so I can be there next year.

    You all have a great time!


    Out for a drive today……


    On the field…..


    Dry weather, and PAVEMENT? How the times have changed….


    I like John’s Pierce there!




    PA Society Tent. Greg Lon’s ’29


    Another view of John’s

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 51 total)
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