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    Is this a deal, if real….and you have a 1912?


    Ed, I have two hands. On one hand, I hope you got them, I understand they were just a few rows away from me.

    On the other hand, if you lucked into them, then I’d like to tap dance on your pointy little head for being so lucky!

    Did you buy them? Is the rumor true? Inquiring minds want to know. Doesn’t matter what someone pays for something, it’s what it’s worth that matters.


    No such luck Dave………..just having some fun. Thanks for delivering the crate. I did find a few cool things. Nothing that was Pierce related.


    I met the guy who sold the two marked-Pierce tool bags.. With a few marked tools inside..

    He had no clue who bought them..

    I asked about the tools.. and proceeded to let the guy do some quick addition and realize he sold $500-$700 worth of tools for the price of a single tool bag..

    The bags were canvas with trimming around the edges, a top-flap closure with a small leather belt and buckle ‘latch’ on the flap.

    BUT, as sad as it is to hear of ‘the one that got away’.. we all go to Hershey just to BE the guy who finds and BUYs a bargain like these tools.

    I managed to sell a pair of ’32 front fenders.. Whew!! I did not like loading and unloading those fenders!!

    The 1929 4-passenger Sport Touring got a lot of lookers.. I took a few ‘possible’ buyers for a test drive.. But no solid offers for the car.. yet.



    Hershey is like the lottery, sometimes you get lucky……..I was happy to pick up the jacks and handles I needed from Karl, and found the two items I desperatly needed……..I paid retail…….with a smile, as I would have paid more. Fact is, finding most parts today is getting close to impossible……if you see something you need, buy it.


    I submit this as the all time leader.

    With the help of multiple members, about all I am missing are brake cables, running boards and aprons and cam bearings. Worm drive is rebuilt, steering column rebuilt with stainless outer tube and caged roller bearing in the top of the column.

    Fenders and hood were excellent as they were stored inside.


    Thanks to Greg Long and Chris Diekman the body problem was solved.








    Wouldn’t Oivind Grimsmo hold the undisputed record for worst car to ever be resurrected?

    His ’30 was really, really bad.

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)
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