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    That is Long’s ’29. This is a 1915 Simplex Crane


    Type A tailights


    The 1917 in the photograph above appears to be the Model 66-A-4 that was owned by the late Gene Becker.


    It is a VERY impressive car in person.


    The 1935 Club Sedan sold……to a non Pierce Society member, he will join at the tent tomorrow!👍


    On the field today


    The above car was on Facebook for sale in Michigan a few months ago. I have only seen one other Pierce is such a terrible condition. It couldn’t be described as a parts car……just rusty scrap iron.


    I had an early ’30’s sedan in worse condition than that, sat in a farmer’s field for 60 years…..sold it for $1800 to a firm in Argentina that makes race cars with Classic chassis, was darn lucky to sell it….


    That Simplex was simply stunning. There are a lot of beautiful cars this year. Looking quickly at the car corral on Thursday afternoon, there were a lot of sold signs.


    Corral car


    The parts car sold to someone in Western Pennsylvania, the 32 Bracket Light Car has the archer stolen on the field. The 35 Club Sedan sold to a first time owner in South Carolina.


    Wow. Amazing that someone would have the guts to steal a mascot right out in front of everyone.


    It is sad that someone would do that. At the recent Councours that we did in Nipomo at Monarch Twila was telling me to keep an eye on ours. I thought she was was being a little over cautious. I really didn’t want to have to worry about someone taking something that did belong to them. It would have put a dampener on my enjoyment of what was going on. I will be more cautious in the future.

    I am really saddened by this. We all really enjoy showing our Pierce Arrows.



    I think this one was a close second. JimL



    Maybe not a silk purse but not the sow’s ear either. JimL


    One of our mascots has a chain to keep someone from just walking away with it but I still never let the car out of my sight when I am stopped somewhere.

    Didn’t someone steal a mascot off a car on one of the tours during a PAS Meet?

    Pulled up on a motorcycle, swiped it and rode off?


    I was not able to attend Hershey this year. How about sharing what direct parts were found and purchased that enhance your Pierce-Arrow (or other)? I am always curious as to what shows up at Hershey.



    I saw very little Pierce Arrow parts……and much of what I saw was there for the last few years. I would call 95 percent of what I saw as picked over. Usually the PAS is your best bet to find what you need……Hershey is more like a lottery and once and a while you get lucky.


    I heard a rumor of two tool pouches, one large one small, sold by a Model T guy for 120 each. One hundred twenty…..


    Rumor? What rumor? 😎

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 51 total)
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