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    I am going to challange the membership to post a photo of their car, or a vintage shot of a Pierce Arrow from days gone by. Let’s see who has the best photo to share. I’ll start with a dealership shot, and will try and answer every one listed with another from my files. Lets see how many never been seen cars and dealerships we can post. Ed


    Just on more to get the thread going……



    Here’s the primary Chicago dealership from 1911 right after it was built at 2420 South Michigan Avenue


    Oh, and here’s how it looks now. That’s Wilma’s ’31 parked in front of it.



    Here’s my contribution to the string. Not sure where this was taken, but it is clearly a dealership with Pierces on display (along with a few other cars). I think these are 1932 Pierce Arrows.

    Happy Motoring



    Here are are couple…not exactly dealerships, but lots of Pierce-Arrows. This first one was taken at the Antlers Garage in Colorado Springs…18 Series 33 Touring cars ready to haul tourists up Pike’s Peak


    And one more at the top of Pike’s Peak…at least 7 Pierce-Arrows in this one. The sedan looks like a Series 36. Most of the rest look like Series 33’s. This one was taken July 20, 1927.


    One more for tonight…this one has a 1922 Connecticut plate…probably a 48-B-5 or Series 51…


    Here’s the original Pierce Sales Building at 752 Main Street, in Buffalo. Sadly, it’s been torn down and you can see that in 2001 it was in very bad shape.



    There’s a happier ending to a Pierce Arrow dealership story here in St. Louis. If you go to, there’s a showroom picture included in the marketing materials for the building. It’s gratifying to see that the renovators of the property had enough respect for the Pierce Arrow brand to use the name. As far as I know, there’s no Packard Building around here!


    Here’s the picture Wayne is referring to from the former St. Louis dealership.



    I have the one Chris just posted, it was my next photo, so here is another.


    SORRY! I couldn’t help myself……. try the next one…….Ed



    Love those flappers!…


    Here are a couple more…two photos of the same car from Orange, Texas. Looks like a 1912 48-SS to me, but I welcome comments from folks more familiar with the early cars…



    …and the other side…


    And for something a little different…how about a Pierce motorcycle…


    Here’s one of a bunch of pictures in a safety demonstration book that I have, photos taken in New York City…..


    Gentelmen, you can also post modern photos…. lets just try and keep it to cars that are garage bound and havn’t been seen at the PAS meets to keep things interesting.Hereare two cars from a midwest collection…..


    Here is a 66 from the same collection…..

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 56 total)
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