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    Here are 3 photos of a nice original 13,000 mile Series 36 EDL living in a barn in Florida. Just watch out for the wasp nest on the back seat…..


    Ooops..guess I can only transmit one photo at a time……


    Here’s the back seat, wasp nest & all….


    Greg Loftness turned up this vintage photo of our Series 33, taken in the early 50’s when the car was owned by C. R. Bradshaw of Indiana. Bradshaw owned the car after Fred Bissell, and sold the car in the mid-50s to Rob Lyons. Lyons sold it to John Gambs in the 90’s, and John then sold it to us in 2005.


    Lets keep this photo thread going, barn finds, garage bound cars, 50 year old photos of cars active today, anything is fine, just post a photo please,…… ED


    Here’s a fun one. Movie star Spencer Tracy sporting a snazzy 1931 Pierce, and he appears to be driving it himself! Wonder where this one is now.

    Happy Motoring,



    Here’s the first look I had at a 1936 Pierce club sedan, driven into a shed in 1953….


    …..and as it looked when I drove it to the Pierce Arrow tent at Hershey a couple years ago, best comment from a young lady ….”It doesn’t look like it should run…”””


    Hey, I’ve got one of those “Look what’s poking its nose out of a garage”” kind of photo. It’s our ’34 1240A Convertible Coupe on the day we brought home on a flatbed and stuffed it in the garage.”


    Sheesh. Wish I’d seen that sight, the convertible coupe staring at me…..ya had good luck on that one…best dc


    Naw, the other photo is MY garage. Here’s the garage it came out of after sitting for 25 years no more than a MILE from my home.


    Hello kids,

    Here is one of my Pierce loaded with kids in the 1980s


    Hi all! I love the photo idea.


    Heres mine


    And one more


    It looks like a Welch parked next to the “66”” roadster(overhead

    cam with a hemi-head).These pictures are keeping me up too late.

    Tony Costa”

Viewing 16 posts - 41 through 56 (of 56 total)
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