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    Here’s one of my favorites. It’s an interior shot of the dealer in Wichita, KS in 1931. On the table is one of those boxes that held the upholstery samples for custom ordering.


    Any idea whether this 1934 conv sedan still exists?


    And how about this ’30 that “Sunny” Jim Rolph, governor of California in ’30 campaigned in? (Enlightening front end…)


    Bob, I think the 34 has a 1950’s Mass plate on it. If I am correct it was in Jersey for years and just moved south of you in the last year or so. Ed


    We have lots of viewers but not too many posters…… Please post a photo if you can!


    Continuing my earlier Colorado Springs/Pike’s Peak theme, I’m posting a couple of photos of Series 33’s stopped at Glen Cove on their way up Pike’s Peak. There are tons of these photos out there…everybody that went up Pike’s Peak stopped here to have a photo taken…most (but not all) of the cars are Pierce-Arrows.

    This photo is of an early Series 33…not the “T” handles on the hood and the early door handles. The wheels have been changed to smaller wheels with bigger tires. This one taken July 9, 1930. Considering the hard use, the car still looks pretty good!


    One more….

    Another Series 33 at Glen Cove. They are packed in this one pretty tight…note three people on the jump seats and the kid in the front seat…no wonder they have the hood open! It looks like another Series 33 behind the back seat passengers.




    That 1934 is still around. Presently it’s in the Boston, Mass. area.

    I had this picture and the cars complete history, all of which, I passed on to its’ present owner. The car was restored, here in Buffalo, about 35 years ago by Tinney Cadillac. Bought new in N.Y.C. Also, Ted Case owned the car when it won the Vanderbilt at Indianapolis, Ind. (years ago).


    My barn find 1927 Pierce-Arrow series 36 7 pass. Sedan. March 2010, it sees first light from 35 years ago.


    The 1927 series 36 in may, 2010. Just getting started……

    I now have it running and driving, but dealing with a heating problem. Don’t know if radiator is plugged or water pump is not working. Ideas??

    Thanks to many great PAS members, I am proceeding rapidly with the old girl.



    Mike, Two of my cars, a 37 La Salle and my 33 Pierce Arrow, had mouse nest in the radiators. Which caused them to overflow and over heat. I would back flush well. Wish my scanner worked . This idea of Ed’s is great. Anyone have a time machine so I can go back to one of those show rooms and buy a new pheaton or roadster ? Doug


    OK Gentelmen, and any ladies I am sure there are more photos you can post…… Let’s see them, current restoration projects are also welcome. Ed


    Another…… Lets see more!!!!!!!


    Mike, I would encourage you to send some photos and text to the editior of the Arrow, it would make a great article. Please post some more photos if you have them. Ed


    I will post several more pics of the 1927 Pierce-Arrow series 36 which I took today.

    I hope there is not so many that it becomes overbearing……



    Some more…….


    and more……


    and more……


    last one for now

    Thank you!


    Here’s a photo of our 1922 Series 33 taken in the late 40’s or early 50’s when the car was owned by Frederick Bissell of Dubuque, IA. It’s from a postcard Bissell sent to Henry Austin Clark inquiring about a spare starter, and was used to illustrate 1922 P-A’s in Clark & Kimes “Standard Catalog of American Cars””.”

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 56 total)
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