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    I am looking for a pair of visors for my 1930, Model A, 7 passenger sedan. I am planning on applying new fabric so I anm most interested in the hardware. Thannks.


    Hardware has been available from Dave Murray (Blonder-Murray, see parts list). Use fiber board cut to size. Ad leather patch. Stitch at shoe shop. Get member to lend you his visor.



    Any chance of One of our EXPERTS posting photos of the visor types? ie. 1929, 30, 31, etc. They seem to vary quite a bit. What is correct for each year/part year?

    Jak of OZ.


    Sid, there is two types of brackets used for 1930’s. The 1929 and early 30’s use three screws to mount the pivot to the header wood strip. The originals are marked Tiffany, NY. I have been working on making some of these as I also need a few for my own projects. The second style that is used in 1930 and all of 1931 has a large casting that screws to the side of the top bow and has a 3/4 inch? threaded socket that the pivot screws into. This is the style that Dave has made parts for in the past. The “trim parts” also change as the later have “circles” at the screw holes for the board bars, and the 29 style has straight bars. I will try to upload photos of both tonight if someone else does not during my working hours. Karl


    Syd, if you need to look at a ’29 version and need to use it as a template I have the passenger side visor removed from my car right now.

    I’m not too far north of you so we could always meet somewhere and I could let you borrow it for awhile.

    If Karl hasn’t gotten to it by this evening I’ll post a pic of mine and where it’s mounted.


    I attach a photo of the original visor hardware for my 1929 club sedan (built September 1929) and the replacement sun visor hardware provided by Dave Murray. I don’t have the fingers that hold the visor to the bar, but I just talked to Dave and he said he is sold out but will make another run in a month or two. Note that what he offers is the second type described by Karl. The rod is longer than the 1929 type, but can be easily cut off and ground to square on the cut end. I don’t know how the second type mounts to the top bow. I hope Karl can provide a photo of the fixture on the top bow, which the bar holder (3/4 thread?) screws into.

    My car only had one visor, on the driver’s side. I recently had it reupholstered and am planning to put visors on both sides. I gather that some cars came with visors on both sides, but I am pretty sure mine had only one.

    This subject would make a great article for the Service Bulletin. As Jak says, we need to cover the whole subject. I would be delighted to receive photos from owners of various cars, showing what they have, so I could put together a comprehensive discussion.

    Regards to all, Arnold


    Well done Arnold!! I have learned 100% more than I knew this time last week! Look forward to the outcome for the record. My 1929 Club Brougham is of course the “CHEAP”” one of the line & had no visors at all unless by special order. I have a couple of sets of visors that repute to be 1932. I will photograph them & upload.

    Have Fun



    more 29 photos


    Note end cap after square, not on later 30-31 visor. Visor tension is set in the center pivot. When assembled a leather disc hits the round bar, then a washer, spring and small screw all from the roof side. the tension can only be adjusted with the visor down off the roof.


    This is the later center pivot, note the set screw location to keep the visor from turning. This large socket should be felt bolted to the rib if it is still there. only the hole is visible in the headliner. With the liner down you should see three holes (type 1) or two horizontal holes in the wood (type 2).


    Other small things to note: the type one are actually lefts and rights, with the flat triangle mount silver soldered about 5 degrees off square. This would only be a problem if you are trying to use the orig. wood and orig. holes. The photo in the above post shows the tension set screw in both type 1 & 2 visors. this photo shows the deleted end cap on type 2. Lunch is over, I will post the different board bars as soon as I can. Karl


    Does anyone have visor brackets for 1937? Thanks.



    Karl you are a gem! Here follows a series of photos. One of our experts can put a date to. Jak.


    And again


    Visor photo3 showing the innards.


    Visor photo#4 detail of the plated brass corner cap.


    Photo#5. a leather covered example.


    Visor Photo#6. Detail of the stitching.


    I forgot to mention that the visor is 15 1/4″ by 5 7/8″”. Cheers



    And finally from Jak. These are for sale from John Cislak. What year do they suit?

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