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    Thank you Craig for the offer. Photos of the only “mystery”” bits would be good. Plus dimensions. Wonderful Info for the PAS records & they would allow me to make some. Cheers



    Many thanks to everyone for all the effort in providing photos and descriptions. For now, lets use this terminology:

    Type 1 – triangular mount, three vertical screws

    Type 2 – 3/4 male thread, into circular mount, with two screws or bolts

    horizontally into the top rib.

    Type 3 — Rectangular base plate, with two arms, attached to middle

    of visor, as shown in Jak’s photo

    Type 4 –Whatever John Cislak is selling, as shown in another photo from


    It would be helpful if each of you could send me one line for each car

    you are observing, giving

    Year — Model — Body Style – Number of visors (driver only or both sides) — Type of mount (1 -4 or ? ) — length of bar — distance from windshield to mount — whether visor is rectangular or not.

    Just use Y / M / B / N / T / L / D / R to identify the data you send.

    Thanks a lot.



    Arnold, I’ve mentioned this before. A small group owning the same year cars should put together a complete work on the items that keep coming up. This is a fine example of what could be a section in a comprehensive study of the features of 1930 models. fuel pumps, carbs, horns and their mounting hardware,shocks, running boards, mirrors, different side mount attachments and mountings, and accessories. It sounds impossible to accomplish this, but once done it would be a priceless item for the new members that come after us. It would take a project manager and two volunteers for each item working together. The visor work-up here could be simplified and condensed, and would be a good example of what could be done. You have seen Rick LeRoy using a copy of the 1929 -1930 accessories booklet that was produced by the factory, but few members have a copy of or have ever seen it. This PAS Club is such a powerful group that I know we could do this for cars in the 1929 to 1938 years. The more time that goes by makes it difficult to get good information as our old guys die off, and incorrect modifications start invading the cars. I would suggest starting with 1930 cars and produce a comprehensive booklet, and use this to test the time and expense involved,and the value produced.


    Info from my car-

    Y: 1929 M: 143/126 B: Enclosed Drive Limousine N: Both sides T: 1 L: 7″ D: 13″” R: Irregular rectangle

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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