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    Sorry folks I have just found Visor brackets I purchased from Dave Murry some time back. As you can see they are not like Karl’s example. Looks like someone has their work cut out sorting Sun Visors! Cheers



    Jak, these look like they go with the style that is mentioned above that Dave sells. Are you interested in selling these. Please email me direct at [email protected] Thanks.


    The type 2 bars are shown here. The type 1 shown above have three different levels cut to keep them tight on the flats of the round bar, and the two thicknesses of the visor. My originals all had tapped threads on one bar and a hole drilled on the other. No nut used to keep the board attached. Karl


    Hi Guys, I can add a little more information to the string. Here is a picture of the visor out of our 1931 Model 43. These seem to be like the brackets that Jak got from Dave Murray. Note the similarity to the design of the brackets in Arnold’s picture and Karl’s picture, but as with many things Pierce, they are different.

    I am thinking that the visors in Jak’s pictures are from a 1933. I am not sure about 1932, but I think this style was also used in 1934.

    Best regards,

    Chris Diekman


    Looking at this photo shows no trim washer or escutcheon is used to buffer the visor from the roof material on the type 2 brackets. This hole must be carefully cut to keep wrinkles from forming in the head liner. Looking at the side view of Jak’s type 2 bars shows that only the square and the visor itself keeps the bars in place. I hope this answers most of the 1929-31 visor questions. My parts are at the chrome platters, so I can not show you the Tiffany NY on the 29 round rods but it is on both sides. Karl


    Chris, looks like we were getting the last info together, minutes apart. I did get one more piece of info to share: the “holes”” for the type 2 brackets have been located on the back side of the roof bow on 2 1930s. So unless someone else tells us they have them on the front of the bow this must be the location of the “”green”” part I have pictured above. Karl”


    Karl, Jak, is there a second three hole bracket with tapped hole that gose on the other side of the visor that the screws on the front screw into. Otherwise, what do the three screws on the side brackes screw into?

    Also is there an outer frame inside the visor itself(under the fabric) that gives it it’s shape?? I understand that there is a fiber board inside but on my 1027 EDL there is a stell frame inside the visor that holds it’s shape. It is an outside installation so these might not have one. Thoughts?

    And I thought that this would have a simple answer.


    Type one parts photographed AND itemized for the chrome shop. Note again… all the interior parts on my 1930 Model C, earliest vin. number known, are nickel and not chrome! Sid, I will dig the type 2 parts out again and photograph them and get you measurements of the boards on Saturday. Karl


    The upholstry was already done on the headliner when I got the car so I can not look under it until such time that I install the new mounting bracket, but, it appears to be mounted in front of the bow and NOT behind it. Also, I looked at one of ERnies 1930 B car and it has the three holed side brackets as shown in the earlier photo. I did not look at the other side of the visor to see if it had a mating part but I assumed that it did. I will check next week when I am over at his place.


    VISORS!!!—Further to my post of the Dave Murray brackets—-Just to clarify –they are a PAIR. ie. Lh & Rh which fix to the same visor panel as you see in Karl & Chris’s photos.There was no second part that went on the other side of the visor to clamp it between. (That I know of!!)Chris????


    Attached is a photo of the roof framing of my 1929 Club Brougham showing the infil blocks to mount the visor type as in Syd’s earlier photos.



    Here are some pictures of my visors.

    When I was cleaning up the one that is not in the car I discovered something very interesting.

    There is some lettering stamped into the long arm.

    One side says:

    Tiffany Mfg. Co.

    Newark. N.J.


    The other side of the bar has the following stamped into it:


    Also note that the two sides are no equal in length.

    One side measures 2.62″ from the center to the cut section.

    The other side measures 2.51″” from the center to the cut section.

    The longer side was towards the wider end of the visor.


    Here is the entire bar without the end pieces.

    Note that the bar is sitting on the visor and I believe the visors to be original material.


    This is the back side of the mounting bracket.

    It was mentioned that there was a screw under here to adjust tension but I don’t see where it would be possible with this piece.


    This is the whole assembly back together.

    The visor is not square.

    It measures:

    15.5″ across the bottom where the mounting brackets are.

    15.625″” across the top side away from the brackets.

    9″” top to bottom on the left in this pic.

    8.25″” top to bottom on the right in this pic.


    And here is the passenger visor mounted in the car to show that the visor is mounted fairly far back away from the windshield.

    The headliner in the driver’s compartment is original.



    Different AGAIN!! This one does not have the square at the ends of the shaft. It is round which suggests that the fittings/clamps that mount the visor itself clamp onto the ends of the shaft & hence the tension can be achieved with them as opposed to Syd’s Type 1 which requires the complicated system of spring, leather & plain washers & screwed plug it has. I LIKE the simplicity of the Tiffany ones. When I make my set I think this is the way I will go!! All we need now is the photos of the visor mounting clamps for Tiffany!!



    Craig!!! I was too fast off the mark—-Your extra photos explain ALL! Well done! Jak.


    Jak, if you want more photos of the visor clamps themselves, I can remove them and take some more photos and get some measurements if you like.

    The clamps are not smooth on the side that faces the visor and one clamp has a rounded indent for the bar and one has a flat indent to mate with the flat portion of the bar.

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