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    Dear Greg,

    You are very right about the timing it turns out that I had the distributor 180 out typical rookie mistake. :) I do appreciate all the help that you guys offer on a daily basis.

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    Any updates to this discussion? Our Series 81 blew out the seams of its ancient muffler so a replacement is needed. Is there something special we should look for? Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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    Hey Peter! We have the band but didn’t send it with the generator. Not chrome, but painted black. I’ll have a close look at it to see if a chrome finish is peaking out where the paint has a chip, but I don’t think so. Bob

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    I am pretty sure that the silk rear and the leather chauffeur’s compartment have been redone and not by someone duplicating what was there. I don’t think it likely that the family photos will produce anything helpful, beyond the famous series 80, of course…

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    That’s a great idea. Ken Warner at Classic Generator did a great job, including making the parts lost by the first place we tried. Picture of it sitting on his bench just before shipping. It is installed and wrking perfectly.

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    Did your generator rebuild reach a good conclusion?

    We have just received ours back from the second re-builder and it appears that he has done a perfect job. The first rewound the coil and armature apparently correctly, but assembled it with many parts missing or lost. Almost a disaster but a last ditch rescue effected by Classic Generator in TX.

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    Thanks Ken and Peter.

    No, nothing about the front seat moves. The chauffeur clearly was expected to be a smaller man, and to sit absolutely upright while piloting madame to the salon.

    I have no independent information to decide whether our car was an EDL or a 7 passenger sedan. I describe it as sedan because that’s what the entries in the roster called it. Our car is a Series 81.

    My son has taken the mahogany wood strip off the top of the chauffeur’s bench; there is no glass down there, but the seat back has two items that seemingly preclude any major piece of furniture: first the hanger for the lap robe and secondly a small metal plate that probably covers the insertion point for the window crank (I was not allowed, as a child to put up the window, because mother, serving as chauffeur, couldn’t reach me if I were to require “correction” (who, me?)). I did crank it up occasionally, of course. The intercom between the rear seating position and the chauffeur’s compartment is still in working condition. The picture shows the present situation of the seat back.

    I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. At this point, this is an interesting mystery rather than the vital piece that will get us back on the road.

    Bob Reeves

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    The problem was that I took it to a shop that specialized in older generators and they’ve managed to lose parts and not Mark anything when they took it apart so they have no guide on how to put it back together

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    Walked into Lucas Classic Tires, 2850 Temple Ave, Long Beach. They had two choices on the shelf. (562) 595-6721; $1100 for four, including tubes and flaps. Went elsewhere for mounting.

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    We replaced the tires on our Model 81 but were left with the originals. They might do someone as display only spares. Two available, whitewall, no charge, except for shipping… Size 2.00 2.50/20.

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    Hello Jack,

    This is the grease cup off of my series 81 7 passenger sedan. Since you had mentioned a brass one I figured I would see if this one was right

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    Jack: my limited knowledge of jute is fairly course fibers, and this stuff is very fine and light. Little flecks of something white embedded, smaller than a grain of rice.

    Ken: I’ll be interested to compare your picture with mine.

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    Jim: this is just a little chunk of the stuff; it covers the entire floor board area under the compartment rug.

    Ken: it’s very light weight, reminds me of paper in some ways. If we both have it, that suggests original.

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    Thanks for asking and making me write more clearly!

    It is our Series 81; both the chauffeur’s and the passenger compartments are carpeted: no linoleum anywhere. Under the chauffeur’s compartment rug is a felt-like padding that is coming apart in little chunks. We have had to get under it several times and undoubtedly will need to again. It is fibrous and very light, almost like paper. I don’t know that a picture will help, but I’ll attach one. The dimension edge to edge is about 4″. I presume it’s there to insulate from heat and noise

    Anyway, since it’s in bits and getting worse, I probably need to replace it and would like suggestions as to what to use.



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    Several people have expressed their pleasure at the successful conclusion of our story and/or have generously offered their help as we deal with the issues uncovered.

    Thanks to all for your interest and help!

    Bob and son RJ Reeves

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    Thanks Craig. You are only a little off on the time line: I last rode in it in the late ’40s before it went off to my aunt’s family and then a series of collectors.

    We are working on several items. Tires for one (check our posts on that topic; apparently we need a wheel puller to get the read wheels off), a generator that does not appear to be charging, and gunk — I hesitate to call it ‘oil’ — the consistency of brownie dough in the diff and transmission. We have had several helpful replies; I hope we don’t wear out our welcome on the forum before we figure out solutions.

    It appears that I can post no more than one picture, so here it is getting a bath after the trip with the Ford Model A glowering at it from the garage.


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    Update on our search: The note from Rick Morrison pointed us to a collector in the Seattle area who acquired the car from former PAS member Stan Long and was now wanting to sell it on. So a mere 1300 miles of driving and there was Grandfather’s car sitting in front of us! It happily rode back to So. Cal. where it grandly receives our devoted attention. We hope to have it out on tour soon. Thanks to the many members who assisted in our search!


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    Thank you Greg!! It is interesting that they would make the unit out of pot metal but I guess they used what was best at the time

    Thanks again,

    Robert Reeves

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