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    Another jem in Ron Hall’s barn


    Milton, Here is what my 1933 1247 looked like back in the early 1950’s, when Art Laidlaw purchased it in Los Angeles. Art was my landlord when I was a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the 1970’s. The car was in one of the back sheds at the house I rented in Santa Margarita.


    Here is what it looked like when I started the restorating in 2000.


    Here is the car today. Still much to do but she has come a long way. Just to show what you can do. I love the restoration as much as driving. It just took 10 years as my wife talked me into a whole house remodel, which I thought would take 3 months and 5 years later I am almost finished with the house. I need another Pierce!


    One of a series of early PA photos in a Seattle family album.


    This is a lot of fun!! Let’s see some pictures of cars that belong to some of our long time members. Us new members have not seen most of the cars out there that others have seen all along.

    Cars, trucks, bikes, we want pictures!

    This is a great thread…..



    Here’s one of Fred Tycher with my 1918 48-B-5 3-Passenger Runabout when he bought it in 1972…


    …and here is another one of it now.



    Paul, very nice car……. Wish it was in my garage. Ed


    Bump back to the top….. Let’s not let the threads get too long, I’ll start another soon if required, POST MORE PLEASE!!!!!


    Here’s a very nice early Pierce….once owned by Harrah…now sitting in a museum….sorry for poor quality of picture…although it does have a certain artistic value…like a dream……


    Here is a nice old factory promo picture, I think. 1931 7 passenger sedan in front of a stately home.

    Happy Motoring,



    OK….. Another posting twist, post photos of parts that failed, or restoration photos of rebuilt parts and components…..Stromberg updraft…… 29 – 32 Pierce 8


    OK….. here is a NEVER SEEN BEFORE OPEN PIERCE ARROW 1931 SERIES 42 TOURING! Car was displayed new in Kansas City then shipped to India, where it still is today. The factory color was “Brilliant Red”” monochrome. Ed”


    Ed, you’re a wealth of information about Pierce cars…

    I thought I knew that there were 4 Model 43 Phaetons, mine, Phil’s that was sold recently, Mr. Dluhy of course with the best one, and then another in Texas. All of a sudden, one shows up overseas. Ya never know, there are still “unknown” (more or less) Pierce cars out there…I always get a kick out of someone saying “one of X known.” There are cars out there, it’s a big country and world…..


    Hi Dave, in these economic conditions I would prefer my wealth to be in my bank account, not my head…….. Here is ANOTHER LOST PIERCE ARROW, never before seen in the PAS as far as I know… It’s another 1931 Series 42…..


    To post a photo of our car was a nice idea! Here is my car in 1932. The photo was taken on an ice race on the lake at Lillehammer (Olympic Winther Games in 1994)in Norway. The small man in the middle was the owner at that time, Andreas Robsahm.


    Her is the car today!


    I have had further contact with a fellow Pierce Arrow collector in India, and am hoping to get some photos and information about the cars for a future article in the PAS Arrow. Most of the cars (5 or 6) have history from new. They are all quite unusual so far. I’ll keep the members up to date with photos as they come available.


    Oivind….. you should post a photo of your car as found!!!! You have earned the respect of all the members who know the story of you fine car….. Ed

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