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    OK, Ed. Here is a photo of my car in 1956-57 on the shore of one of the norwegian fjords. I shall check my scrap book and forward some more.


    Many of us have had the chance to see the Woodrow Wilson Presidential limousine at PAS Annual Meets, including Williamstown, where this photo was taken. Click on this link and it will take you to a YouTube newsreel showing this P-A (or a factory loaner just like it)and several others in parades in 1918(?)in Buffalo. President Wilson was there to address a labor convention. Link here:


    Here are two photos of the (norwegian) engine 1981. At last brought into the garage.


    Ready to start up…?


    Thanks for the extra photos Oivind. Some day when I visit your country I would like to see your car in person. Ed


    Oivind, I just have to ask , Where did you find the rear body for your car or did you build a new rear body? You did a great job on it. Doug Vogel


    F.D.R. leaving Hyde Park, for the drive to N.Y.C., then onward to Washington D.C. for his first inauguration as President. We all know of F.D.R’s. fondness for Pierce-Arrows, this one being either a 1242 or 1247(?). It belonged to Basil O’Connor. I believe there was a Pierce agency both in Albany, N.Y. and New Jersey operated under the O’Connor name. Would this be the same O’Connor?


    Hello Boys, Norway calling…

    Here is a photo of the rear body with “some”” rust. We could use some of it. The rear fenders were very solid – no problem! The rear body was stocked outdoor for more than 20 years.”


    Sut the door, please! Its cold in here.


    Lucky for me we found more doors.

    (sorry for the last tekst – an “h”” was missing. Should has been SHUT…)”


    Here’s a fun one. This is a finely detailed printer’s block. Through the miracle of digital photography it’s a simple matter to mirror the image so that it reads as normal.


    How about a French Archer? Very Rare…….


    Here is a shot from Jack Passey’s garage.


    My tire was only flat on the bottom.


    The same day as the flat tire the car turned 40K. I sure miss the car……..


    Thanks, Edgar! Great photos.


    Trying to sort our my parts ??


    Not cars, but Pierce-Arrow items you don’t see very often…

    The first is the cover of a Series 32 Owner’s Manual in Spanish. I got this out of Mexico City.


    Inside, all of the typeset pages are in Spanish, but the photographic plates still have the English captions. In the front, there is a translation table for the controls.


    One more…a Series 5 Owner’s Manual in French…

Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 96 total)
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