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    Hi- since we’re doing memorabilia too, here are a few interesting Pierce pieces (well, one’s not Pierce, but it’s Buffalo!), some rare some not.

    –1911 Ten Years of Industrial Activity medal (a real one)

    –badge – “Automobile club of [picture of buffalo in middle]”

    –two bird feeders to fit on bird cage (one water, one food), marked “Pierce Buffalo NY May 1878”

    –Pierce bicycle medal with ribbon

    –Pierce “July 1920 Truck Convention” medal with ribbon

    –Endurance test medal, New York to Pittsburgh, October 7 to 15 1903, National Ass’n of Automobile Mfg’rs, awarded to George N. Pierce Co., appears gold plated


    Here is what happens when you have a faulty UU-2 or UUR-2 that leaks gas! From City Heat.


    Here’s an old photo (1936). President Roosevelt is in the ’34 Packard; but, how many Pierce-Arrows can you count?


    The last Pierce-Arrow delivered to the White House.

    Anyone know why the sidemount covers are canvas , not the standard metal?

    Note the rear doors on this “Tourer.”” They’re hinged from the rear.”


    Bob, why are they canvas?


    This guy must have had a lot of tire failures. Merry Christmas to all! Ed


    Happy Holidays to all


    The needle in the haystack


    another one


    It is still cold…


    Here is another PA most of you may not have seen. It is a 1603 seven passenger touring car. According to the owner it is one of two built in 1936. They say that one was sold to JD Rockefeller and the other was sold to Miss Frances Perkins who was Sec. of Labor for FDR. They don’t know which one owned this car. It is car number 53 of 71 built.


    Here is the inside of the same 1603, nice!


    Is that the real one in South America? Or the fake built out of a sedan in the 90’s. Ed


    That’s a 33 1242 & 1247 Dash in the 1936 series 1603………..


    This is a 1240A Cabriolet that is parked next to the 1603.


    This is the rear of the 1240A. Both of these cars are in Lima Peru at Asociacion Museo Del Automovil, Coleccion Nicolini, Peru. It is quite a large private collection. The restoration shop is next door where they have a cars waiting their turn. If you are in lima it is worth the time to go see.


    I have no idea about the correctness of the information they offered. Is such a car known to exist in South America? According to the man who was showing me the cars, most of the cars in the collection were in Peru when they were in daily use. However, the two PA’s did not name the previous Peruvian owner and i noticed that most of the other important cars did; so maybe they were purchased at auction or something.


    I have heard several stories about these cars, and how they ended up down there. The touring car is well known and came out of NJ in the 80’S or very early 1990. It’s a shame it ended up out of the USA. Ed


    Does the 1603 have Stewart-Warner power brakes?


    The seven passenger touring is a real car. its the one Jimmy Sandoro had. It originally was sent there for restoration, I believe, but I do not believe he owns it any longer.

Viewing 20 posts - 61 through 80 (of 96 total)
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