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  • in reply to: Pierce Straight-8 Inner Water Jacket Replacements #476871

    Make it in brass, and it won’t rust again.

    in reply to: 1933-1935 Steering Wheel Control Levers. #471806

    Hi, I posted this for John, please call him directly at his shop. 413-543-9017

    in reply to: 1935 Pierce for sale #471805


    Yes, It’s Ray’s old car.

    in reply to: Trailer door hinge weld failure #469354


    Been there, done that……..Pace trailers had a huge problem with them…… ate our 35 V-12.

    in reply to: Top Materials And Pantasote #468525

    Randy, I have three sample books from from the era showing Patnasote material. One is by my desk at the shop, if you would like photos text me and I will send them.

    in reply to: A TV Celebrity in our midst. #468323


    You must admit, John has a face for radio! He told me about the show, and they did a bunch of stuff with him that took hours….sounds like they only had a short interview with him.

    in reply to: Best driving Pierce Arrows. #466493

    Dennis, John Cislak lives 70 miles from you. Go visit him and his shop. He can explain in detail all the cars, and what you should be looking for.

    in reply to: Owen Dyneto Cutout #466492

    It only took me 20 years to find a Owen cut out for my 36 V-12. Autolite 4000 series work and are easy to find.

    in reply to: ’32 vs ’33 8 cylinder exhaust #466491

    Different intake and exhaust manifolds……..32 is updraft, 33 is downdraft. Nothing in common between them.

    in reply to: 63rd Annual Meet #465897

    It was a great time. Everything went well. Tours and collections were first rate. Best, Ed.

    in reply to: 32 Sedan For Sale #465659

    For what it’s worth, I have known this car for forty years, and it has spent all that time four miles from my house. Call if you want info. I was a buyer at 12k.

    in reply to: rim failure – need a 19″ split rim #427378

    If you make rims with them…….make six.

    in reply to: Upcoming Sotheby’s Auction for 1936 Pierce Arrow #427377

    I can’t get the photos to open at the RM site. Looks like a very nice car to me………the 1-5 condition code is meaningless. The car should easily hit 50k from what I could see.

    in reply to: Spoked wheel 1932 P A model 54 (perfect condition) #425654

    1932 Cars used an 18 inch wheel, with five lugs.

    in reply to: Springfield Mass. #425653

    I should know it off the top of my head……but can’t recall. Francis Owens worked there and he did several articles about the Mass dealerships…..The building was standing twenty years ago……….but it’s probably gone now, as the entire area is under renewal.

    in reply to: 35 Speedometer arrow #425561

    Ours was black…….you can call John Wolf, the number one guage restorer in the country. Our 35 V-12 had restored gauges, and it was a white plastic piece with a black arrow on top.

    in reply to: Boston Pierce dealer #425559

    Francis Owens posted photos of the dealership back in the 80’or 90’s in the Arrow. They owned Boston, Worcester, and Springfield dealerships. They also owned Stutz, Willis St Clair, and one other I can’t remember. I have spoken to the great granddaughter of the owner…..she had five Pierce lap robes and some NOS tool kits……I bought one kit and two robes. They were still using the other lap robes at Boston University and Harvard football games back in the 2010’s…..until they realized their value. The money made back in the day has kept the family comfortable…….they are now citizens of leisure……she volunteered this information…….fun stuff.

    in reply to: Custom Pierce-Arrow cars? #425505

    There is another Wood body Pierce Arrow. They are not common at all. Your car is attractive which is unusual for that coach builder……..they were very good at making boxes with wheels.

    in reply to: New Pierce Arrow owner #425504

    Tony Zappone has some items for the new owner, as he is a volunteer at the Saratoga museum. We have had a similar car in our family for over fifty years. I know the car, and have worked on it in the past. I first saw the car back in 1975. Feel free to contact me about your new purchase. Ed

    in reply to: RM Sothebys Fall Auction Auburn 2020 #425213

    The 35 and 36 were rolling parts cars. I had a chance to purchase both three years ago, and passed on them, and I placed a value on the 35 at 7k, and the 36 at 9k( At that time…NOT today.). Parts cars and rolling wrecks are available for MUCH less today…..the market on these cars has adjusted………as well as finished cars……the market and times are changing. If you have 50k to spend on a pre war car today….you have twenty five times more choices to make a purchase than ten or fifteen years ago……..when selling a Pierce Arrow today, available Packards, Lincolns, and Cadillacs can be bought by the truck load………thus pushing all prices lower…..its not the cars….its supply and demand. Why by a parts car or project car when nice driving cars can be had at 20k? Take a look at the price of V-12 Lincoln OPEN cars………I paid more for my yard tractor than nice Lincoln drivers are selling for.

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