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    David is right, both of these guys are top shelf, and very old school. If you don’t have anyone local, take David up on his offer.

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    This is an interesting discussion, and very useful. To add a twist, what is the general thought about using synthetic oil in our engines? Mine is freshly rebuilt, so based on having done this with a dozen or so new cars and newly rebuilt engines, I run non-detergent oil for several thousand miles, then switch to synthetic. My diesel truck has 250k on it, and none of our modern cars have had any engine oil related issues ever. I just had the C4 transmission rebuilt (after sitting for 45 years) in my first day of production Mustang (serial 100626), and the transmission shop told me to use any form of synthetic fluid I want, as long as it is synthetic.


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    Body pic. May be too large a file.

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    Thanks, Robert. I found that too. Great article, but it doesn’t show the actual linkage, and where or how it connects to the steering linkage. That is still a mystery.


    Your lever from the bar that holds the lights must be upside down, or the internal gearing must have been installed incorrectly when it was rebuilt. If you could post a picture, it might reveal a clue or two.

    My Club Brougham is also conservative, as it was apparently bought by a gangster in the Phili area. It is black with fine grey/white pinstripes, blackwalls (tires currently from the 60’s), and a bullet hole through the metal trunk into the rear seat. I am keeping the blackwall tire motif, and the original gray/green upholstery, black paint, etc. The Pilot Rays are the only bling I am indulging in. To me, that is really a cool safety feature.

    Interior shot first.


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    Dr. Peter,

    I did manage to get one of the last sets of Trippe Lights that Richard Bloomquist sold a few years ago. They are beautiful. Being an engineer by training, I am fascinated by how the Pilot Ray system works. My single Pilot Ray is in need of plating, but works. Hopefully, I can get a look at a linkage system so I can buy or duplicate one for the Pierce. Better yet would be to find a system already done. Old age makes you a bit lazy…


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    I talked to the Sommer kids at Hershey. They built the lights, but apparently didn’t supply the linkage. They seem to be concentrating on the radiator ornaments, laliques, etc.


    Just love to wake you up once in a while! What does a Woodlite look like?


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    On mine, the last digit was either a 0 or a 5. Must have been a guess. As Mark said, temperature will affect that kind of accuracy, and I am sure they didn’t keep all the engines in a temperature controlled environment. Maybe they wanted to impress the mechanics that maintained the engines across the world.

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    My ’29 engine had bore sizes stamped near each cylinder. They were all within a few 10 thousandths of each other. Talk about detail!

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    I didn’t know Pierce also made doghouses!

    That’s where I go when I get yelled at by the better half. Anybody find a microwave that runs on 6 volts? I may be in the market for one…

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    I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think you would fit in it!


    Beautiful piece. You must have a house full of those, and a very patient wife.


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    Thanks. I will give them a call.

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    Where did you get the chain?


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    Great to meet you in person yesterday. I checked, it is NOT for a ’29. That number is 12828 or 12823, can’t read the last number clearly.


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    That Simplex was simply stunning. There are a lot of beautiful cars this year. Looking quickly at the car corral on Thursday afternoon, there were a lot of sold signs.

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    Loki was a spectacular diplomat for the Shepherd breed. He is now joining the millions of other shepherds herding the humans who were lucky enough to make it to heaven. We humans are here to be caretakers to these magnificent and intelligent animals, much like us lucky folks are charged with taking care of our Pierce Arrows. As a five time (consecutively) shepherd caretaker, my advice to you is to feel free to grieve for a while, but only a very short while. There is another Shepherd nearby who needs an experienced caretaker. Don’t deprive them of their job, which is to please you. Hope to meet him or her at Hershey, as many of us did Loki over the years.


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    Didn’t he refer to himself as “Dr. Art Burrichter? He used to advertise in Hemmings.”

    Thanks for taking this on, David!

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    The one charger should keep the batteries topped off. It would be interesting to separate the two and check the “open circuit” voltage on both to make sure they are at approximately the same voltage level. You want to parallel two batteries that are about the same, or you could wind up creating a circulating current between the two batteries.

    Also, you should check them separately once a season or so to ensure one hasn’t failed. I had that issue with a diesel pickup; couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t start well with two one year old batteries. One had a shorted cell, and pulled the other down to 10 volts. New battery installed, problem solved.

    The question is, would we get busted for having a rubber mat in lieu of carpet? I special ordered a mat for my 2000 F250 Lariat, which has turned out to be a very wise choice, as we can scrub it down and spray it out if necessary during the muddy part of building a house. Still looks decent after 250K miles. With a lot of original paint and upholstery, I would think the Pierce could be an HPOF candidate. Would this cause the car to lose points?

    The club brougham has original upholstery, and has a brown/taupe carpet in the rear that appears original. It has what is clearly ’70’s vinyl loop carpet of a similar color for the front, so that is no help. There is no evidence of rubber pieces anywhere in the front or under the seat.

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